Contact Lens Plan


what is a contact lens plan?

theeyecarecompany contact lens plan allows us to tailor a contact lens package based on your needs and budget.


This package will include all your needs that you will require for a year's worth of contact lenses; this will include the contact lens consultation, which is usually not covered with Medicare, contact lenses, and compatible contact lens cleaning products if necessary.


Depending on your needs, a contact lens plan usually brings down the cost of absolutely everything you need for contact lenses to about $2 a day. This would be for contact lenses that are the most ideal for your eyes needs.


To determine what is best for your needs, it is ideal to come in for a general consultation under Medicare. From there, we can have a free, no obligation discussion about your eyecare needs to determine the exact contact lenses that would be ideal for you and give you an exact price for your contact lens plan.


Your first appointment to speak to an optometrist about your contact lenses or your contact lens plan with us is free and at no obligation.


why is the contact lens plan for a year?

Firstly, all contact lens prescriptions last a maximum of a year. The reason behind this is that your eyes need to be looked after very closely to maintain your eye health and that you can continue to comfortably wear contact lenses. Even when your eyes feel like they are not showing with any symptoms and feel completely fine, we often prevent major issues from arising from careful and comprehensive contact lens consultations.


Our contact lens plan is designed to cater for all your needs until we need to review you again; this will a years supply of contact lenses and any solutions that you may need, as well as emergency lenses and all the consultations you need during the whole year.


why is it worthwhile for me to do a contact lens plan for a whole year?

A years worth of contact lenses allows us to apply a considerable bulk buy discount on your contact lens purchase as contact lenses are cheaper than if you were to buy then a box or two as a time. It also means that additional visits that you may need over the course of the year if anything goes astray are fully covered in our plan.


We are also very flexible with the contact lens plan. If it's too much to pay all at once upfront, you still access all the same bulk buy discounts but can direct debit it without having to pay the entire amount upfront. Please book a consultation with an optometrist to discuss this in further detail.


what if I don't need solutions?

That's okay, we can take it out of your contact lens plan.


However, most people prefer us to include contact lens cleaning solutions as it means we can professionally recommend a product that we know will be the most compatible solution with the exact type of contact lenses you have been prescribed. This minimises incompatibility, dryness or redness or complication problems that can occur when some brands of solutions don't work well with some brands of contact lenses.


Including contact lens solutions also increases your bulk buy discount for purchasing your contact lens consultation, contact lenses and cleaning solutions together.


how do I get a contact lens plan or discuss this further?

Please call us to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our optometrists. Alternatively, you can make an appointment online now. Remember, it's no obligation so please don't hesitate to book a consultation with one of our optometrists today for a discussion about your needs.

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