Children's Eye Testing


why do children need their eyes tested?

Vision is one of our most important assets. We know just how important it is; to see where we're walking, to drive and to watch TV!

For children, vision is even more important. 80% of children’s learning is from what they see, making sight one of the most important senses to a child’s development. It is vital to detect any problems with children's vision to ensure smooth learning and comfortable, clear vision.


what are some signs I should look out for in my child?

There can be many signs that a child may be suffering from vision problems.

These may include reading books too close, difficulty seeing the board, missing words while reading, falling behind with homework, headaches, difficulty reading, excessive eye rubbing or covering an eye when trying to watch TV or read.

Although sometimes children may not be experiencing vision problems or may not seem to have eye problems, sometimes children may not realize that they are having a problem.

Regardless, it is recommended that every child should have their eyes tested regularly for any subtle issues that may cause problems with their vision.


when should my child have their eyes tested?

Children’s vision can be tested at any age, but ideally a formal eyetest should be conducted at around three years of age, and then every 12 months while they are at school.

After that, we recommend that we recheck your child’s vision every year if everything is going well.


what happens during an eyetest?

During an eyetest, one of our experienced optometrists will assess your child’s vision and how well they are using their eyes, including their eye coordination and eye focusing skills as well as colour vision testing and depth judgement.


how do I organize an eye test for my child?

Its easy and simple, call us today to make an appointment with one of our experienced optometrists!

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