Eyecare and Eye Tests


what is eyecare? How do I look after my eyes?

Eyecare is looking after your eyes and having clear, comfortable vision for the things you want to see. At theeyecarecompany, we value your eyes and ensure that you maintain your vision and see as clearly and comfortably as possible. Our team of experienced optometrists will look after your eyecare through our thorough eye testing, and our customer care personnel are there to find something suits you and makes you look great while looking after you eyes!


how often should i have an eye test?

theeyecarecompany recommends having an eye exam every 12 months to ensure your eyes are healthy and your visual needs are being met. Not all optometrists are created equal! The level of care an independent, theeyecarecompany optometrist delivers in an eye exam has to be experienced to appreciate the difference.


what does an eye test involve?

theeyecarecompany's comprehensive eye tests usually involve:

  • a detailed discussion of your symptoms and visual activities (e.g. computer work)
  • comprehensive discussion of your previous eye & general health history
  • vision test: prescription test of your distance, reading and intermediate (computer distance) vision
  • comprehensive eye health test of all aspects of the health of your eyes
  • checking for all common eye diseases including glaucoma, macula degeneration and cataracts
  • Anterior Eye and Retinal Imaging: a magnified, high-definition scan of the front and back of your eye
  • detailed discussion of results, including the best course of action to maintain your eye vision and eye health for the future
  • any further discussions about other options available for you, such as contact lenses or prescription sunglasses

    what if I wear contact lenses?

    No problems! We can still conduct a thorough eye test for you, and even assess your contact lenses to check that they are the correct prescription and that they sit well on your eyes to maintain your eye health. We can also recommend other products as necessary as our expertise with contact lenses comes from many years of being contact lens specialists.


    how do I get an eye test?

    Getting an eye test is simple and easy. You can either visit one of our practices or call us to make an appointment, or even make an appointment online now.

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