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Our Buy with Confidence Guarantee





        our buy with confidence guarantee


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We appreciate that your eyewear is a significant purchase. After all, it is for the greatest asset you have: your eyes and your vision. With that in mind, we have a Buy With Confidence Guarantee. Exclusively available from theeyecarecompany.



Our Buy With Confidence Prescription guarantee:

All prescriptions that have been produced and dispensed by our team of experienced optometrists and dispensers are backed by our prescription guarantee. Lenses must have been purchased at theeyecarecompany.


    Prescription Change Guarantee

Whether you're new to glasses, or have worn them before, your glasses sometimes take some getting used to.

If your eyes change, or you can't get used to your new prescription, we will replace the lenses free of charge within the first three months of purchase.

In this instance, a new prescription must be determined by theeyecarecompany.


    Multifocal Wearer Guarantee

Whether you’re new to multifocals or you’ve worn them before, theeyecarecompany only prescribes and dispenses the best lens types. That’s why we back our multifocal lens purchases with our guarantee.
If you’re in the small percentage that just can’t get used to a multifocal lens or if you’re feeling that the lenses are not quite perfect, theeyecarecompany optometrists will recheck all measurements and remake or replace your lenses free of charge to something that WILL work for you!



    Scratched Your Lenses?

At theeyecarecompany we know that glasses mishaps can sometimes happen! If you need to replace your lenses within the first six months of purchasing them, we'll replace them at 50% off. Fitting fees may apply.



    New for Old Replacement

Frames, sunglasses and lenses purchased from theeyecarecompany all come with a minimum twelve month warranty against manufacturer's faults. BUT if you accientally damage your sunglasses or frames beyond repair within twelve months of purchase, bring all the parts in and we will replace them for exactly the same model at 50% off!*

If it's only a part that has been damaged, we can usually order a replacement part - so you're not up for the cost of a brand new pair! We'll always offer you ALL the options so you can decide.

*Prescription lenses are not covered by new for old replacement. Dependent on supplier availability.



    Lifetime Servicing

theeyecarecompany offers complimentary lifetime servicing of all your spectacles and sunglasses. This includes replacement of standard screws, nosepads, adjustments and professional cleaning!