Hyperopia (Longsightedness)


Hyperopia is commonly known as farsightedness or longsightedness, it is a common refractive disorder that causes near vision deterioration. Regularly overlooked by myopia in vision research and the public's perception, hyperopia poses a serious risk of continuing vision problems and possible vision loss.


It occurs when the light entering the eye focuses behind the retina. This is due to the cornea being flatter than normal or an eye that is shorter than normal.It is extremely important that diagnosis and treatment be made as soon as possible as it is crucial for slowing down the advancement of hyperopia and possibly restoring vision. Because hyperopia is usually less discernible it is very important to have regular eye examinations.


The main symptoms of hyperopia is blurred vision. You may also suffer redness, squinting, frequent blinking and excessive tearing. If you have hyperopia you will have trouble focussing on things close up.


Treatment for hyperopia may include glasses, eye exercises, contact lenses or laser correction.

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