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Lens coatings are essential to optimize the vision your eyes receive from your lenses and to maintain the life of the lenses and to reduce any reflections that could come off the lenses. theeyecarecompany lenses will always have:


  • the hardest scratch resistance coatings to minimise the damage from scratches: this strengthens the lens to prevent scratches on the surface of the lenses, which in turn prolongs the life of the lenses.

  • anti-reflective coating: also known as an anti-glare coating, this special coating increases light transmitted through the lens and also reduces the glare, which then minimizes the strain you would feel, especially with things such as car headlights, computer screens and reading material. An anti-reflective coating also makes your lenses look good…people can see through the lenses to your eyes and not see a reflection from lights or glare in the room!

  • easy clean (hydrophobic)coating: this coating is similar to the Teflon coating you can get on your frypan, but much tougher. It repels dust and debris on the lens surface so makes it easier to clean.


    At theeyecarecompany, we always strongly recommend that all lens coatings be put on your lenses. You can decide to go without if you prefer, but having these on your lenses means that they last longer and the vision through your glasses is much better. There are other lens coatings also available from us, and we will match these lens coatings to the specific needs that you have for your vision and your lifestyle.



    transitions lenses

    Photochromatic or Transitions© lenses are also available at theeyecarecompany. This extra lens coating turns then lenses darker when outdoors, but when indoors or under the shade will lighten the lens back to a clear lens suitable for indoor use. These lenses work by UV exposure; when outdoors the lens is exposed to UV making it darken, but once UV exposure stops such as walking back indoors, it will lighten up again.


    Photochromatic or Transitions© lenses suits many people in their everyday lives, and there are also different types of Transitions© lenses to suit different lifestyles and needs.



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