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        Multifocal Contact Lenses



See near, far and in-between with multifocal contact lenses...


"In multifocal contact lenses,I look as young as I feel"


"Thank you multifocal contact lenses, I can read anything, anytime, anywhere, no glasses required"


"I only wear contacts occasionally, so daily disposable multifocals are perfect for me"


"I am forever juggling my glasses. Contact lenses would be so much more convenient"



have you ever considered multifocal contact lenses?

You can now have multifocal contact lenses that offer good distance, intermediate and near vision, giving you the freedom and choice to be glasses free for a whole range of activities.


Multifocal contact lenses are a great option to those who are currently wearing multifocal glasses, reading glasses, and single vision contact lenses. They can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you require full time or part time correction.


You will be able to read in all directions: up, down and even sideways, unlike with some glasses where you can only read up close when you look down.




how do multifocal contact lenses work?

Multifocal contact lenses are uniquely designed to focus near, far and in between. They do this by having different prescriptions in concentric circles and utilising simultaneous vision to give you an optimal visual outcome.



are multifocal lenses hard to get used to?

Like any new vision correction, it is normal to have some visual adaptation during the first week or two while your brain learns what to do and how to process the information. With recent advances in technology, adaptation time is usually quite minimal with most wearers.



what if I only want to wear contact lenses for the weekend, going out, or playing sport?

You can now get one day disposable multifocal contact lenses, suitable for those only wanting them for part time or occasional wear.


what if I have never worn contact lens before?

Most people are surprised how easy it is to insert and remove contact lenses. Modern day contact lenses are very comfortable to wear with most people reporting little to no lens awareness from the very first wear.


am i suitable for multifocal contact lenses? how do I get them?

Visit one of our practices today to have a free no-obligation chat with one of our experienced optometrists to see if you are suitable.

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