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Annoyed with taking your glasses on and off all the time?


Did you find your multifocals hard to get used to at the beginning?


Annoyed with having two different pairs of glasses for distance and computer and close up?


Think that there must be a better solution for your eyes than what you have now?


If you have trouble focusing with your distance and your close up vision, or like the flexibility of seeing clearly in the distance and the close up at the same time with your vision, you may be prescribed with multifocal lenses.


Multifocal lenses can cleverly allow you to see clearly in the distance vision, computer, as well as reading. This is a huge advantage if you said yes to one of the questions above. It comes with some disadvantages, however.


In ordinary multifocal lenses, however, the vision is clear in the centre of the lens and towards the edge of the lenses, your eyes are forced to adjust to imperfections in the lenses that cause blurriness and strain. These imperfections, compared to single vision lenses, are far greater because the lenses are juggling so many different needs in the lens.


These imperfections are called lens distortion and lens aberration and exist because the lenses become imperfect away from the lens centre.



For more information about the latest digital freeform lenses, please view this video.



our multifocal lenses

What makes the lenses in theeyecarecompany different is that by using custom made lenses, we analyse the wavelengths of light entering and exiting the lens surface and see how the imperfections affect the light being focused.


The lens technology that we use analyses the way the light is focused at up to 1500 points on the front and back surface of the lenses. Our lenses are then custom made to eliminate these lens imperfections to create the clearest vision possible.


The effect is that the lens is usually two times to four times clearer, not only in the centre, but especially for the vision on the side. This wavefront technology makes it much easier to adjust to multifocal lenses.


Some people unable to wear multifocals in the past may be able to easily wear multifocal lenses now without the dizziness and the restrictions that annoyed them in their old lenses.


Our patients rave about being able to see comfortably with freeform multifocals that they notice are much easier to use compared to their existing multifocals.




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