Children and Orthokeratology


There are no limits to orthokeratology; it can be commenced at almost any age!


OrthoK is great for those who wish to be free of glasses, contact lenses during the day (due to dryness, allergies or irritation). It is also suitable for active individuals who worry about losing contact lenses during swimming or contact sports.For children, this is especially useful as accidents are reduced with losing or breaking glasses and getting orthoK lenses in and out can be done by or supervised by parents.


Ortho K is highly recommended for myopic (short-sighted) children (or adults) whose prescriptions seem to be ever increasing.


it controls shortsightedness?

OrthoK is an excellent option to consider for children, as it has been shown to help reduce myopic progression (i.e. slows the advancement of shortsightedness). OrthoK is safe for both children and adults experiencing myopic progression.


Myopia or shortsightedness in children is typically progressive, meaning that as they get older and study more, it is very likely that their short-sightedness will increase. This means that as your child ages, they will need corrective lenses that are stronger in degree and heavier in weight.


High myopia in the later stages of life also increases chances of retinal detachment and glaucoma.



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