Cost of Orthokeratology


what is the cost of orthokeratology?

OrthoK at theeyecarecompany is tailored to each person. We evaluate each person on a case by case basis and recommend Ortho K lenses based on their vision and their prescription. Come in for an obligation free appointment so we can evaluate the cost of Ortho K for you in a package price.


theeyecarecompany includes all appointments, fittings, aftercares and lenses in the package price, so you'll always know the cost upfront. Breakages or lost lenses are not covered in the package price, but you can also purchase an extended warranty or replacement lenses.


theeyecarecompany also offers OrthoK on our contact lens plan, allowing you to be fitted and wear them now, and pay them off gradually by direct debit.Read about our contact lens plan here


how often will I have to see the optometrist or change my lenses?

During the initial fitting, your orthokeratology specialist will need to see you 3-4 times in the first month. Once the fitting has been finalised and your lenses are successfully reshaping your eyes during the night, theeyecarecompany optometrists will only need to see you once every six months.


Ortho K lenses usually last around 12-24 months. On average, most Ortho K patients will need to change their lenses every 18 months due to wear and tear.



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