Why Orthokeratology?


Ortho K is a great alternative to laser eye surgery as it is non-invasive and completely reversible and there is no tissue loss. If your prescription is unstable, you’re under 18 or your corneas are too thin or you experience dry eyes ?then Ortho K may be suitable for you.

Ortho K is great for those who wish to be free of glasses, contact lenses during the day (due to dryness, allergies or irritation). It is also suitable for active individuals who worry about losing contact lenses during swimming or contact sports.

Ortho K is highly recommended for myopic (short-sighted) children or adults whose prescriptions seem to be ever increasing.


why have I not heard of orthoK before?

Orthokeratology has been practiced safely for more than 50 years, but it is not especially common as it requires specialised skill and experience in fitting contact lenses as well as corneal topographer, which is not an instrument you’d find at your standard optometry practice (as pictured above).


are there any risks or side effects?

theeyecarecompany only uses safe Ortho K lenses that have 100% oxygen transmissibility.


As with all contact lens wear, you must be careful to follow all instructions regarding the care and storage of lenses to ensure your eyes remain healthy - otherwise there exists a possibility of adverse effects or eye infection.


If you properly care for your eyes as instructed, the risk of infection or adverse effects are very low. Parents are recommended to supervise young children in the insertion, removal and care of their lenses.


What about if I want laser vision correction?

Patients keen on laser surgery require a referral to an ophthalmologist which we are happy to provide. We are experienced at comanaging laser surgery vision correction with sydney's leading ophthalmologists so please come in and see us if you are interested and we are happy to organise this and also discuss if it is the right option for you. There are certainly patients where laser vision correction is the right solution for them, but with any surgical intervention, especially involving your eyes, it is well worth considering carefully for its benefits vs its potential risks and side effects. A detailed consultation is really worthwhile before a decision to go ahead with eye surgery is made so that you are well informed about your suitability and what to expect. And where to get laser surgery performed will have impact on the outcome of your surgery, so it is beneficial to get a referral to an ophthalmologist who is very experienced with a great past track record.


There are certain criteria to ensure you are a suitable laser surgery candidate. One of those criteria is that laser surgery is only suitable if your prescription has been stable for 2-3years. if your prescription is still unstable, and you are keen for an option away from specs, we would recommend a consultation to discuss if orthoK may be right for you. Another is that you need to have sufficient corneal thickness so that the tissue can be cut or ablated to create the vision correction required. Essentially, in OrthoK, the cells are realigned to the appropriate shape by contact lenses encouraging the eyes to form the right shape, so there is no tissue loss or cell death, and this means that there isn't any requirement for a certain thickness for your cornea for orthoK. This means that OrthoK can be useful for those patients who have been advised they are unsuitable for laser surgery because of their corneal thickness.


For a lot of people who are interested in an option to fix their eyesight but are squeamish and too scared to do laser surgery, a reversible, effective option like OrthoK may be more appropriate, as your eyesight is fixed but the technique is completely non surgical and completely reversible and has very few side effects.


If you are really super keen on laser surgery, but your prescription being unstable makes you an unsuitable candidate, OrthoK has practical applications where it can free you from specs in the meantime as well assist in your eyesight becoming stable for laser surgery to be a possibility in the future. In this instance, as orthoK has been shown in many studies to encourage your eyesight to stabilise, it may assist in your vision becoming stable so that you can have laser surgery in the future.



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