Photokeratitis, also known as ultraviolet keratitis or UV keratitis, is an acute but very painful syndrome that occurs after ultraviolet irradiation of the eyes. The exposure may not be initially apparent to the patient, as there is a latent period (6 to 12 hours) between exposure and onset of symptoms.Many recreational and occupational activities are associated with ultraviolet exposure and the potential for photokeratitis in unprotected eyes.


Common symptoms include pain, intense tears, eyelid twitching, discomfort from bright light and constricted pupils.Photokeratitis can be prevented by using sunglasses or eye protection that transmits 510 % of visible light and absorbs almost all UV rays. Additionally, these glasses should have large lenses and side shields to avoid incidental light exposure. Sunglasses should always be worn, even when the sky is overcast, as UV rays can pass through clouds.


At theeyecarecompany, we can treat the pain of photokeratitis and give advice on how to prevent photokeratitis from reoccuring.

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