A pinguecula is a common, non-cancerous growth of the clear, thin tissue (conjunctiva) that lays over the white part of the eye (sclera). It is a small, yellowish nodule on the conjunctiva near the cornea. It can appear on either side of the cornea, but tends to appear more on the nose (nasal) side. It may increase in size over many years. It is more common in people with excess outdoor exposure to sunlight and wind, such as those who work outdoors, as its growth is related to UV exposure.


The pingeucula may grow over the cornea and impair vision. It may also cause eye irritation so lubrication with artificial tears, and sometimes the temporary use of mild steroid eye drops can be helpful. However It is important however with pinguecula to protect the eyes with quality sunglasses to prevent or slow down the progression of the pinguecula.


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