Presbyopia is a condition, caused by aging, in which people find it difficult to read small words at close distances or to work on the computer for long periods of time. The condition is sometimes called short arm syndrome, because sufferers must often push small print to an arm's length to be able to read it. When adults are in their forties, the lens of the eye begins to have difficulty accommodating, or in other words, changing its focusing distance.


Symptoms of presbyopia include difficulty in seeing contrasts between small bits of text, a need for greater lighting to read or do close work like sewing, and a feeling that the eyes are tired or strained after reading for short periods of time. Virtually all adults over forty experience some or all of the symptoms of presbyopia. Fortunately, a number a treatments for the condition exist. Wearing spectacles, particularly multifocals and bifocals, using contact lenses, can reduce the impact of presbyopia on one's life.


At theeyecarecompany we specialise in tailored spectacle lenses for people with presbyopia and have extensive experience in fitting contact lenses for presbyopia.

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