A pterygium is a non-cancerous growth of the clear, thin tissue (conjunctiva) that lays over the white part of the eye (sclera). One or both eyes may be involved. It is more common in people with excess outdoor exposure to sunlight and wind, such as those who work outdoors, as its growth is related to UV exposure.


The main symptom of a pterygium is a painless area of raised white tissue, with blood vessels on the inner or outer edge of the cornea. Sometimes it may become inflamed and cause burning, irritation, or a feeling like there's something foreign in the eye.No treatment is needed unless the pterygium begins to block vision or causes symptoms that are hard to control. If irritation does occur your theeyecarecompany will advise how to manage the symptoms and will refer you if they believe your pterygium may being to block your vision. It is important however with pterygium to protect the eyes with quality sunglasses to prevent or slow down the progression of the pterygium.


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