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At theeyecarecompany, no matter what your eyesight needs, we want you to have the best lenses possible to optimise your vision and minimise your eyestrain. To maximize the clarity of your vision, we use lenses that are fully customized from Japan, Germany and France. If your prescription lenses are better produced from a local Australian lab, we also use the leading labs in Australia that utilize this technology. The most important thing to us is allowing you to choose the best lens possible for your eyes and ensuring that you get exceptional value for your lenses.




This video demostrates the double grinding procedure for precision and clarity of your spectacle lenses. Courtesy of CR Surfacing



our quality control

The process of preparing your glasses is very strict at theeyecarecompany to ensure the best quality you can find. After matching your prescription with our lifestyle needs, the lenses are shipped from various countries such as Japan, France or Germany to our practices.

Cutting the lenses down to size happens instore, ensuring we can control every aspect of your order, including custom orders or difficult prescriptions. Before the glasses are ready for you, we check everything for its quality,...and we back it up with our warranty and our buy with confidence guarantee!



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