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If you have trouble focusing only with one distance, for example, only with your far distance or only with your close up vision, and if this is confirmed by your optometrist, you may be prescribed with single vision lenses.

In ordinary single vision lenses, the vision is clear in the centre of the lens, but towards the edge, your eyes are forced to adjust to imperfections in the lenses that cause blurriness and strain. These imperfections are lens distortion and lens aberrations which exist because the lenses become imperfect away from the lens centre.



our single vision lenses

What makes the lenses in theeyecarecompany different is that by using custom made lenses, we analyse the wavefront of light entering and exiting the lens surface and see how the imperfections affect the light being focused. Our lenses are then custom made to eliminate the lens imperfections to create the clearest vision possible. This technology is called freeform lens technology.



The end result is also a lens that enlarges the area of clear, natural, distortion-free vision. Our patients rave about the new freeform lenses that are "clearer than anything they've ever used before".


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